Unique in the category of electric ovens, thanks to our innovations applied to the advantages of the electronic controlled power supply it is suitable for baking products that require the use of high temperature, like:

SALTIMBOCCA, PIZZA and many other similar products.

Our electric ovens provide the perfect baking by regulating all functions in manual or automatic mode and allow a very personnel use obtaining your typical product.

The baking of the products takes place in mild and delicate ways thanks to the DIRECT STATIC system (ventilation-free) because the heat is distributed inside the heat chamber in a uniform manner ensuring the perfect cooking.

The oven is equipped with an independent power-up with the possibility of adjusting the power used producing identical breakdown between “top and bottom”.

The heating of the chamber is obtained thanks to the use of stainless steel armored electrical resistances positioned in the pit and in the sky in order to ensure the uniformity of the cooking.

On reaching the set temperature is automatically and gradually reducing to zero the oscillations of the set value.

Thanks to the special oven the insulation system always keeps the set temperature, allowing a continuous cooking without variations, reducing energy consumption and allowing the outer coating at room temperature.


Structure and the oven frame

  • In steel structure welded and painted with paint for high temperatures
  • Firing chamber entirely in refractory steel
  • External covering totally made of stainless steel
  • Pre-chamber inlet and outlet of the stainless steel oven
  • The baking chamber insulation made of special panels in 3 different sheets with a total thickness of 200 mm.


  • Oven infeed conveyor with wire mesh made in stainless steel 304 and 10 mm of final diameter pen
  • Oven outfeed conveyor with wire mesh made in stainless steel 304 and 20 mm of final diameter pen
  • Baking oven belt with MARBLE stone sliding on chain stainless steel rollers (suitable for high temperatures)
  • Strong Engine
  • Variable speed belts by inverter-controlled and touch screen operator panel


  • Maximum oven temperature up to + 700 ° C
  • Maximum electric power of the armored elements
  • Ability to set different temperatures between the sky and the base
  • Subdivision of resistances on the Ceiling in two distinct sectors and digit by touch screen
  • Subdivision of resistance on the sky in two areas and inserted by touch screen
  • Ability to formulate baking recipes with storage of the set parameters (temperature, speed, baking time, sectors of inserted resistance, etc.).
  • Ability to make any changes during the motion with the option of saving the parameters
  • End baking program

Fume extraction:

  • Fume hood placed over the input pre-chamber with removable grid
  • Fume hood placed over the output pre-chamber with removable grid
  • Suction pipes made of galvanized sheet metal fumes
  • Extractor fan, starting by touch screen

Electrical control system:

  • Electrical power board installed inside the oven
  • Push-button Mobile panel with touch screen operator panel
  • Plc global facility management
  • Inverter
  • Components selected with “Quality First” priority.

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